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I played a bit with the flowers I used on my kokeshi dolls’ kimonos. I added some spiral stems and stroked them with one of the built-in calligraphic brush (we are in Illustrator now). As a result: two sets of patterns for Photoshop (a zipped.pat file) and Illustrator (swatches library in a zipped .ai file). I hope you find them nice and/or useful. If so feel free to download (as always both for personal and commercial use).

How to install/load in patterns:

  • PS: Put the .pat file you’ve downloaded into the folder /Users/{username}/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS…/Presets/Patterns (on mac OS X) or C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop\Presets\ (on Windows)  (the dots … are there since I don’t know your PS version).
  • AI: either open the .ai file (my pattern swatches will be automatically loaded) or go to Swatches>Other Library and  choose the path to the .ai file.

Let me know what you think.

Freebies by PeHaa: CS2+ Ai pattern swatches

Paper Flowers patterns swatches.
All made by me. Free for both personal and commercial use. If you host them, please link this site.

25 thoughts on “free photoshop and illustrator patterns”

  1. hello. your work is lovely. tho im having troubles opening it – im in AI CS2 – is this created in a more recent version? or maybe im doing wrong?

    any thoughts appreciated, and keep up the good work


    1. Thanks!
      Sorry for that, I had no idea that back-saving is necessary. I hope it works now. If it still doesn’t please let me know.

      1. Hi PeHaa,

        I am having a problem installing the hibiscus pattern. I have a PC and CS2. Please advice.


        1. I have PS 5.0 Limited. I can’t seem to find a ‘presents’ folder to put the file in. It comes up as an autocad hatch file (I actually have autocad if that helps). Any advice? Thanks.

  2. How totally cool of you to allow your art to be used commercially. I will definately send folks your way.

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