i perform a striptease in the DA valentine contest

I was actually planning Valentine’s Day not to be the main thread of my today’s post. But things changed since there is a new contest running on DeviantART. And it’s Valentine’s Day-related.
You download a template – more or less (there are some hearts) abstract shapes to be filled with solid colors. The criteria:  (1) use of Valentine’s Day theme, (2) use of color palette, (3) ability to standout among other entries.

Who would not decide to go for a 1 lb box o chocolates ;) ? Would I (or is it a Fella plushie)?

Can you remember  Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke in the striptease scene in 9 1/2 Weeks? Joe Cocker ?

That’s right. You can leave your hat on… It’s my entry.da_valentine

And a funny thing: if you go 2 posts back, the formula of the DA contest seems pretty close to what the illustration class was about. 

Coming soon: Something useful, downloadable and to do with Twitter (but not Twitter icons). Stay tuned.

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