my first doodle font

This was my first (mission accomplished) adventure with fonts. If only I liked my handwriting I would immediately turn it into font too. But so I don’t. I even came up with a trick so that it looks fancier: I write each letter in the opposite direction from what I’m used to. And sometimes it works.
… But anyway, there is a great (easy, fast and free) way to create your own handwriting font. Or you can make a doodle font as I did (if you like them feel free to download and use).
And here is the precious link to where you can make your own font. You simply download a template, print it, fill in, scan and upload back. There is also a possibility to include special characters. (I did not – I decided to boycott them ;)).

3 thoughts on “my first doodle font”

  1. That one’s fun (was going to do something like it years ago, never finished); would be cool if you did the whole set, with an alternate set of caps in the lowercase slots. :)

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