my first doodle font


This was my first (mission accomplished) adventure with fonts. If only I liked my handwriting I would immediately turn it into font too. But so I don’t. I even came up with a trick so that it looks fancier: I write each letter in the opposite direction from what I’m used to. And sometimes it works.
… But anyway, there is a great (easy, fast and free) way to create your own handwriting font. Or you can make a doodle font as I did (if you like them feel free to download and use).
And here is the precious link to where you can make your own font. You simply download a template, print it, fill in, scan and upload back. There is also a possibility to include special characters. (I did not – I decided to boycott them ;)).

3 Responses to “my first doodle font”

  1. acidcloud

    Feb 24th, 2009

    Nice. I’m trying this out! Thanks.
    I loved how you explained it in the drawing :)

  2. fractalbrothers

    Apr 28th, 2009

    not 100% free anymore.. Now you have to pay 10 bucks to download your font.

  3. steve mehallo

    Jun 4th, 2009

    That one’s fun (was going to do something like it years ago, never finished); would be cool if you did the whole set, with an alternate set of caps in the lowercase slots. :)