screenshots – will LittleSnapper become my friend?

When you change from a pc to a mac, one (out of the many) facility to discover is the extremely easy screenshotting. The commands below let you save screenshots of the entire screen, a selection or a single window:

  • Cmd+Shift+3: saves a screenshot of the entire screen (png) on the desktop
  • Cmd+Shift+4+select an area: saves a screenshot of an area (png) on the desktop
  • Command+Shift+4+space+click a window: saves a screenshot of a window (png) on the desktop

Plus, if you are making the screenshots at the same time you use them then there are ‘save to clipboard’ commands:

  • Cmd+Ctrl+Shift+3: copies a screenshot of the screen to the clipboard
  • Cmd+Ctrl+Shift+4+select an area: copies a screenshot of a selection to the clipboard
  • Cmd+Ctrl+Shift+4+space+click a window: copies a screenshot of a window to the clipboard

That’s a huge advantage already!

But… Now, what I want to explore and check if it works for me is a mac OS X application called LittleSnapper.
What I’ve discovered so far:

  • With LittleSnapper you can organize your snaps within collections and folders. Add them tags, descriptions and ratings.
  • The snaps are editable, the nondestructive vector-based annotations (highlighted/blurred areas, frames, arrows, text boxes) can be activated/deactivated while a snap is being dragged to another application.
  • You can screenshot the web address (it takes a bit longer). Then you can open the snap in the LittleSnapper built-in browser where you don’t need to use crosshairs and select an area – it’s enough to roll over the elements you want to snap with a mouse. Smart as they call it.
  • You can export a snap as a pdf (with or without pagination).

We’ll see, sad thing is – if me and LittleSnapper have a future ahead of us, I’ll probably have to spend 39$, 30 images is not a lot…

One thought on “screenshots – will LittleSnapper become my friend?”

  1. hi
    LittleSnapper did not become my friend.
    after try out the Snagit for MacOS. I have to say that Snagit is still the best and most handy tool for editing easy a fast a screenshot.

    have use it for many years on windows. and now they have build it for Mac users to sins one year +/-

    you can tray it out also for 30 days

    belive me you will love it :)

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