free easter eggs brushes for Photoshop

It’s not that I like easter. Actually, it’s the opposite. But this coloring-eggs thing – I just can’t resist. This year for the first time I did some digitally. What a difference! Still I wanted my first digital eggs to keep the spirit of traditional polish easter eggs. What we often do is to cook the eggs in onion rinds (it should take some time until they get this beautiful deep natural color). I colored my eggs in Photoshop, but the first steps were taken in Illustrator where I created black and white eggs which I turned into hi-res Photoshop brushes. That’s how the new freebies brushes look like (I ended up with the happy number of 13):

Preview: All 13 easter eggs Photoshop brushes
Preview: All 13 easter eggs Photoshop brushes

That’s my coloring, I made 5 eggs:
Preview: colored easter brushes (PS).
Preview: colored easter brushes (PS).

Freebies by PeHaa: Hi-res PS brushes

All made by me. Free for both personal and commercial use. If you host them, please link this site.


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  1. Wooow your Eastern eggs are so great !!! I love them.. Thank you so much and have a HAPPY EASTERN
    Hope I can ever return you the same pleasure y
    ou gave me.. :))

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