new season makeover – my new spring/summer avatar

Is it the extended weekend that I somehow forgot about all to-dos, shoulds, have-tos etc? Totally laid-back – it’s not very me… (yet?).
About the afternoon I felt I miss my macbook, woke it up and had this sudden urge to change my avatar. The one (to the left) I’ve been using up to now was a self-portrait created in Illustrator. The plan was to modify it and make it more for spring and summer. Ear muffs and my warmest yellow sweater are deep down in the closet now.
My hair got longer so I used the pen tool to draw some more. Since I took the scissors and cut myself a straight fringe I needed to reproduce the effect with the ‘delete anchor point tool’ (-) and the direct selection (not sure which one was harder: RL or Ai).
Anyway, here are the results, it was mainly a direct selection work.
What I decided to be the new avatar:

My new spring/summer ;) avatar
My new spring/summer ;) avatar

and the vector source as it was (in colors).
My new spring/summer avatar - vector source in colors
My new spring/summer avatar - vector source in colors

I had fun.

3 thoughts on “new season makeover – my new spring/summer avatar”

  1. I like your new one….but the color one is my favorite. Spring n Summer represent so much color and I thought your avatar would rock in color.

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