free vector stamps (birds again but not necessarily to do with twitter)

I like stamps. I had some fun. At least until I decided to experiment a bit with mesh tool (long way ahead to master it…)
Traumatic discovery: no command to remove gradient mesh (or am I wrong?). Luckily, there is a trick that works. Go to Object > Path > Offset Path and set the offset to zero. Then delete the mesh object. Good news: your path is safe! bad news: it contains some extra anchor points. (Here is a link to where I found the solution).
Together with this post – my vector stamps (an .eps file). Free for personal and commercial use. If you decide to host them, please include the link to this site. Enjoy!

photoshop: paste a layer into a mask

It has not been the most productive day (so far at least). Still, I learned one thing I want to post about. Few times I wanted to do that and had no idea how to.

Paste a layer(A) into a layer(B) mask. In 4 easy steps:

1. select the layer A and copy it to clipboard (Cmd/Ctrl+a, Cmd/Ctrl+c)

2. go to the layer B, make it active and click the Layer Mask

3. go to your Channels Panel, there is your mask in the bottom, set it active and visible, paste the clipboard content (Cmd/Ctrl+v) 

4. make the mask channel invisible again and the RGB channel (top) active

And it’s done!

I played a bit with halftones today (Filter > Pixelate). I followed the Photoshop Guys’ and applied it in grayscale (all 4 channels parameters equal). I’m not too happy with what I got, but a post needs an image.halftones